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Gully & Wetlands



Hamilton's Hidden Treasures


Welcome to Hamilton, the heartland of Waikato Region. In decades, Hamilton has thrived and growth into a dynamic urban city. We are proud of our economic growth  and the natural environment as our heritage. Always  working as one  to protect and develop it into a successful future.


The Waikato river is our natural landscape and power resources for live, energy, tourism and  recreations. However, many of the residents or visitors may not be aware of the extensive gully systems that exist within the city. Where are they?  Click here to find out

Hamilton's gully systems form a major green belt of the city vegetation, natural waterways and drainage catchments, they also serve as foothills of significant areas in native vegetation and a sanctuary for wildlife and living habitats.

Gully restoration programme is a partnership between the Hamilton City Council and the community. The aim is to raise awareness and appreciation of Hamilton's gully systems and to encourage gully residents with gully sections to grow 'eco- sourced' native plants. They are plants which are sourced from local seeds and restore a sustainable biodiversity of the invaluable natural environment.

Eco sourced plants are plants that are grown from local seeds helping to preserve the  distinctiveness of plants from this region and maintaining local biodiversity. They are also better adapted to local condition and will be more likely to survive. Full Bloom nursery is proudly associated with the network as a supporting nursery to growing native plants for the gully scheme.

The Gully Restoration Guide is a free handbook in assisting private landowners in planning with  advice on the skills and techniques of restoration process to achieve a successful project.

For more information or advice. Please visit us or see

Website : www.gullyguide.co.nz








Successful gully restoration  

Show Case 1.    Mangakotukutuku gully - A restored gully reserve in Hamilton.



  Show Case 2.    Hooker Ave. Hamilton - Leet's Family has successfully restored their gully.



Show Case 3.   A mature landmark  of Kahikatea stand in a Waikato farmland swamp.

                     A sanctuary for wildlife.                          






Clean Streams & Wetland


Grows your profits

Clean stream is an Environment Waikato Project to encourage and support farmers and landowners wanting to protect and enhance their river and stream banks, drain lakes and wetlands.

Wetlands are unique and threatened features of the Waikato landscape. Environment Waikato encourages landowners with significant wetlands on their properties to consider protecting and restoring these areas as important naturals habitats.

To achieve and implement this objective, the management of waterway and buffer zone along the water and adjacent land is called the riparian or the waterway margin. Well-managed waterway can improve your benefits and profits to your business including :

 *  reduced erosion, flood control and conserving soil.

 *  protect water quality and effluent run off.

 *  reduced stock losses by fencing the margin.

 *  removed unwanted nutrients run off.

 *  replanting native vegetation and aesthetic values.

 *  provide shelter for living  habitats and wildlife.

Primary plantings for suitable native vegetation at waterway margin will grow easily into a good vegetation; such as Carex secta, Hebes, Phormium tenax, Cordyline australis, Coprosmas, Manuka, Kanuka, Lacebark, Kowhai, and Wineberry etc. It provides a quick start of native vegetation at the     stream margin. For more information about on-going native plants lists.

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