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About Us


Nursery Address                                       -  524 State Highway 26, RD6 Hamilton, 3286  NZ

Postal Address                                                 -  P O Box 13010 Hillcrest, Hamilton 3251 NZ




Website                                                   www.fullbloom.co.nz     


 E-mail                                                    -   info@fullbloom.co.nz 




Nursery Trading Hours                               Monday - Saturday   8:30 am -  4:30 pm 



Phone Number                                                  - 07 856 4515


We Invite you to visit us in a Youtube Video Tour. Don't foget to like us, When you finished viewing.









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Tony Ho                                                   Nursery Manager 



Jacqueline Duncan                                     Team Leader 



Joe Yang                                                  Dispatch Co-ordinator 










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